Spencer Matthews admits it is ‘just painful’ being away from Vogue Williams and kids

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Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are a booked and busy A-list couple, travelling all over the world for their work. But while all the destination projects have their perks, Spencer has opened up about the downsides.

The former Made In Chelsea star recently travelled to Wales for an upcoming project, meaning he hadn’t seen Vogue or their three kids Theo, Gigi, and Otto for a week. Speaking on the Spencer and Vogue podcast, the 35-year-old confessed that he missed his family, and it was “just painful” to be without them.

The reality star admitted he had even been called out for talking about his wife too much, explaining: “I’ve been spending time with people here and they were like ‘do you think you could tone down all the talk of your wife?’”

“Why would I need to play it cool with my wife? I would rather just shower her with loads of love and affection.”

Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Vogue shared how she was also missing her other half, especially as it left her with more housework.

“What I will say about you being away I’ve realized that you do the bare minimum [housework] but the bare minimum is helpful to me” she said.

The model also joked that she wasn’t missing Spencer too much, as he had been ringing her very often.

Saying: “I miss you a little bit, but I don’t miss you as much as you miss me, because you haven’t stopped calling me, if I counted, I think you call me over ten times a day.”

Michelle Daly

Spencer isn’t the only one travelling for work, as Vogue returned to Ireland this weekend, and appeared on The Late Late Show.

Chatting with new host Patrick Kielty, Vogue shared why her kids are different religions.

“Two of my kids are Protestant and one is Catholic, which I actually didn’t know, my mother-in-law, she organised the first two christenings and I organised the last one. So, we’ve got a very mixed household,” she explained.

“I only found out when we were in the church for the last one and the priest held the baby up and said, ‘Welcome to the Catholic church.’”

“Spenny looked at me, like, ‘What?’”

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