Irish sprinter Sharlene Mawdsley shares the beauty product she can’t live without

Pic: Instagram/Sharlene Mawdsley

Sharlene Mawdsley may be best known for her ability on the track, but her passion is beauty. Well, bringing some glamour into sport at the very least.

In fact, the Irish sprinter jokes that she won’t go out onto track without a full face of makeup. It helps her run faster, she assures!

So when VIP Magazine got to catch up with her, we had to ask what was in her makeup bag and what is her hero product.

Even if she couldn’t manage to narrow it down to just one!

Sharlene Mawdsley Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I will not go out onto the track without my full face of makeup. My hair is always curled and I have to have a full face of makeup,” she confesses. “The morning of the race, my mam often jokes that I think I’m going to a fashion show.”

“If I really had to pick one I would have to curl my hair…oh and mascara. That’s a big one.”

So does she have a favourite brand? No, she’s not picky, joking: “Throw which mascara at me and I will use it.”

And she’s able to take any negative comments in her stride. She is a national record holder, why should it bother her after all?

Sharlene Mawdsley Pic: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile

“People are always like ‘What if it rains?’ but no, that doesn’t stop me. I tell myself that it keeps my eyes wide open,” she laughs, before adding that most of her running tracks are indoors.

She tells us that her ritual of getting ready into her uniform and doing her hair and makeup improves her ability on the track.

“It helps me run fast. Look good, run fast! You know they say, look good, feel good!” she jokes.

“I will always be that person. I got a natural tan this year but if I’m pale the fake tan goes on. It’s a full prep!”

And we love that for her!


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