Sarah Jessica Parker on Ireland: “It feels like home.”

The Sex and the City star admits that she could see herself finally settling down in Ireland with her family.

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been vocal about her love for this country, especially Donegal, where she holidays each summer along with her husband Matthew Broderick and their three children.

Sarah Jessica Parker red carpet ready
Sarah Jessica Parker red carpet ready

The A-list couple will be returning to Ireland in the coming months and now admit they have put a lot of thought into making their holiday home in the north west their permanent residence.

“It always feels like it’s a place that is perhaps foolishly more private to us, and there’s a simplicity to the time that we spend there, and the people are so lovely. At this point, it feels a little bit like home” the star told the Irish Independent.

“We would be delighted to decamp to Ireland: move the children, put them in school there, have tea every day and a proper fry. It’s just an exquisite, beautiful, relaxing, wonderful place for ourselves and for our children,” she said.

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick

Broderick, originally from New York, has been holidaying in Kilcar, Co Donegal since he was a child. “We’d spend the summer there,” he said. “After renting for a year or two, my parents bought a little bungalow right on the ocean and I started going there from the time I was about 10 years old. I’ve been there pretty much every summer and many Christmases. Now I have a little house right next to my parents’ house.”

SJP has been a regular visitor to Co. Donegal for many years
SJP has been a regular visitor to Co. Donegal for many years

“We will probably go this summer at some point. I like tea, wandering around, eating, our friends. We have friends there that I’ve known since I was growing up, so I check in with them. The kids seem to love it. They keep asking when we can go back.”

Perhaps now they’ll finally change their views from the bright lights of NYC to the more demure Northern Lights of Donegal. We can always hope, right?

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