Ryan Tubridy reveals his deepest darkest secrets to listeners

The RTE host opens up about what he thinks of his colleagues and how he really feels about the Toy Show

Ryan has dished the dirt!
Ryan has dished the dirt!

He might be used to probing guests on the Late Late Show, but it was Ryan Tubridy’s turn to spill the beans yesterday on his 2FM show.

The radio star gave the most revealing interview of his life and opened up about what makes him tick to a little girl who wrote in to the show.

Little Alice's cute card
Little Alice’s cute card

Little Alice sent Ryan a card with 10 interesting facts about her to celebrate her 10th birthday, and the ever-engaging 42-year-old replied with 42 enlightening facts about himself.

Ryan's list. Err, great handwriting....
Ryan’s list. Err, great handwriting….

Want to know what he said? His handwriting wasn’t easy to decipher, but check out the full list below:

1. I like jellies.

2. I like movies.

3. Tea must be strong.

4. Love cake.

ryan tubridy
Ryan loves a cuppa tea and cake…don’t we all!

5. Dislike banana bread with nuts.

6. I like salted peanuts…

7. And dry roasted.

8. I have to wear lots of sunscreen

9. I love Connemara.

10. I love fishing.

11. I love being near the sea.

Ryan's fave place? Connemara!
Ryan’s fave place? Connemara!

14. I love job(s).

15. Radio is relaxed.

16. TV is more intimidating.

17. I love smoothies with ice-cream.

18. James Stewart is my favourite actor.

19. I think wet dogs smell.

20. Cats are sly.

Ryan and fave actor, James Stewart
Ryan and fave actor, James Stewart

21. I love a creamy pint of Guinness.

22. Train travel is my favourite.

23. I own a Vespa

24. Listeners make me happy.

25. Tattoos intrigue me.

26. Selfies are overrated.

27. I love brass instruments.

28. Jersey Boys is my favourite musical.

"Selfies are overrated"
“Selfies are overrated”

29. I could live in NYC.

30. I’d love a cottage near Clifden.

31. My colleagues are my friends.

32. Family means everything.

33. Books are passports to other worlds.

34. The Toy Show rocks my world.

35. Tea, biscuits and a movie – simple pleasures.

Ryan says the Toy Show "rocks his world" ...yay! Us too!
Ryan says the Toy Show “rocks his world” …yay! Us too!

36. I like a good suit.

37. Pints with pals is fun.

38. Bookshops bring me peace.

39. I love Elvis, Macca and Sinatra.

40. The internet steals personalities.

41. Nature is underrated.

42. My girls are my best friends.

Ryan loves his books!
Ryan loves his books!


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