Ruth Negga opens up about giving a voice to “brown women” with her work

The actress is set to star is upcoming US civil rights film.

She likes to give a voice to "brown women"
She likes to give a voice to “brown women”

Irish actress Ruth Negga has recently spoken out about an issue that’s close to her heart, which is

The former Love/Hate star told the Hollywood Reporter that she likes to give “brown women” a voice with her acting work.

“I enjoy giving voice to people who aren’t necessarily always portrayed in mainstream TV and cinema, like brown women,” she said.

Ruth, who was born in Ethiopia and raised in Ireland, recently landed the role of Mildred in upcoming film Loving, which is about the US civil rights struggle.

Ruth really wanted to play the role of Mildred. PIC: VIP Ireland
Ruth really wanted to play the role of Mildred. PIC: VIP Ireland

Loving is based on a true story that centres on an interracial married couple, Mildred and Richard, and their fight for the right to live as a family in their hometown. Their court case eventually ended in the abolition of laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

“I decided quite early on I needed to convince Jeff Nichols and Sarah Green, his producer, I had the right timbre, energy, spirit to play Mildred.

“I wanted this film to be made as I think it’s important for Mildred and Richard’s story to be told, full-stop, but gosh, it would be ever so nice if I could play her!

Ruth is also starring in AMC’s Preacher.

“People say all the time, ‘it’s another character in the film’, but it really is, as it was vital to Richard and Mildred’s identity. You’re acting in the scene and you know this actually happened,” she said.

Currently 34-year-old Ruth is also starring in AMC’s Preacherwhere she plays Tulip O’Hare.

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