Roz Purcell challenges comments about starting a family soon


Model Roz Purcell has hit back at questions about when she will be starting a family. Taking to social media, she made her frustration clear in a hilarious video.

In the clip Roz looks all over her home while a voice over track says; “I searched everywhere, I looked through hundreds of files, searched through my text messages, I even looked everywhere in my wardrobe. But I just couldn’t find where I asked for your opinion.” With “You Should Really Start Thinking About Having Kids Now,” written at the top of the screen.

The Tipperary native made her opinion crystal clear with her caption.

Writing; “Worst thing about hitting your 30s is this question. Unless you’re on about baby goats stop asking me.”


This isn’t the first time Roz has got personal with followers. Recently she had spoken about being excluded by her peers in an Instagram post.

The former Miss Ireland  often asks her followers to anonymously send her their secrets but when she noticed many of her followers were sharing stories about feeling excluded, it inspired the influencer to reveal her own experience of being left out.

She shared her experience, saying; “I met a couple of girls who are in the same industry as me, and I couldn’t have been nicer.”

“Never done anything to them. I was actually just overly nice, and they were so unwelcoming to me and actually ended up cutting me out of something.”

Continuing she added; “It is just a reminder that sometimes when you trigger people’s insecurities or they feel threatened by you or feel like they could be competitive against you, they’ll probably just end up excluding you.”

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