Rose of Tralee contestants fell victim to a cruel experience while filming

Yikes, this was a little harsh...

This may have been a bit harsh?
This may have been a bit harsh?

Yesterday, after five days of media events, 65 Rose of Tralee contestants were dwindled down to the final 32, ready to take to the stage at The Dome tonight.

Although this happens every year off camera, this time around, there was a change-up and RTE film crews were allowed backstage. They caught everything on camera for their documentary Road To The Dome.

In true reality show fashion, the roses were split into two groups and put in separate rooms as they awaited their fate. While one group were told that their journey would be continuing, the other 33’s dreams were crushed.

Instead of being angry though, these women rallied together and sang, but there were tears and lots of them.

Speaking to The Independent, Rose of Tralee festival director Anthony O’Gara, was calling into question his decision to allow cameras film this heart-breaking moment, as it may have been slightly insensitive.

We hope it turns out ok. PIC: VIP Ireland
We hope it turns out ok. PIC: VIP Ireland

“It’s a double-sided sword. It is not the most sensitive of ways to do things. It is something that caused a little bit of upset. We don’t want it to become an ‘X Factor’. Maybe we can’t have our cake and eat it. We’ll have to see,” he said.

When asked if the same format would be put in place for next year’s competition, Mr. O’Gara admitted that he will have to wait and see how this year pans out.

“We’re going to be sensible. We’re going to stand back and look at the overall picture,” he said.

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