Rosanna Davison offers her surrogate a place to live amid Ukraine conflicts

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Rosanna Davison has offered her Ukrainian surrogate a safe place to live with her daughter while conflict continues in Ukraine.

The author, mother and influencer has been keeping in contact with her surrogate and ensuring she’s doing okay while Ukraine faces a dark time. The country means a lot to Rosanna and her family as it is their eldest child, Sophia’s country of birth.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror the influencer said, “I’ve been demented and sick with worry, seeing the situation getting worse. I feel very protective of her, I’ve invited her to come live with us.

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Instagram/ Rosanna Davison

“I said to her that we will give her a place to live with her daughter that’s safe. We’ll look after her, and she can see Sophia again. I’ve been messaging her constantly checking if she’s safe and if her building been bombed. She said there’s shooting going on all around her, she can hear bombs going off.”

Speaking of her surrogates situation Rosanna said, “They’re running out of food, she’s hemmed in on all sides and she can’t get out. I’m very upset – I’m in bits over it. We owe everything to her.

“I’ve been donating money to organisations on the ground like Unicef Ireland. I’ve donated baby supplies and nappies to another organisation. It’s hard to know what to do, beyond that. So I thought at least I can offer her a safe place to live in, who knows what will happen to the Ukraine. To give her the option at least so she knows she has somewhere safe to come to.

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Rosanna Davison/Instagram

“We just don’t think at this point she will be able to leave the city, as it’s surrounded on all sides by the Russian military and it was confirmed today that Russia has officially taken over her city.

“She said to me yesterday she was very scared but they were safe and there was a lot of gunfire outside and a lot of commotion. She said there was still running water and electricity but she doesn’t know for how long it will be there and food is starting to run out. Things are worsening where she is.

“We’re so concerned about her, she is the woman who gave birth to Sophia, if something happened to her, we’d be absolutely devastated. Sophia developed in the womb in this city, that’s how close it is for us. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have Sophia.”

rosanna davison

Posting some snaps of her little ones this week as she got them ready for bed she said; “Gave them all even more cuddles than normal today after reading about some of the horrors happening to innocent families in Ukraine. Unbearable sadness.”

Continuing she added; “Sorting through piles of baby stuff unsurprisingly we have quite a lot of stuff at home. Just for supplies to drop off to be sent to Ukraine tomorrow.

“Things like nappies, these I’d forgotten we had that are too small for them, lots of cotton wool, hygiene supplies, loads of blankets, bottle warmers, loads and loads of bottles that were never used as well.”


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