Rosanna Davison: “It’s exciting to be entering a new decade with a new plan”

Rosanna Davison Pic: Evan Doherty

Rosanna Davison is ready to move into the next phase of her life.

She turned 40 earlier this year and her three young children are growing up, they are “out of the haze of toddlers and babies”.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, she says: “We’re all growing and changing all the time though, but yes my 20s were very much about travel
and work, I just worked constantly.

“Then my 30s were more about settling down, creating a home, creating a family, I wrote my books in my 30s, I did my master’s degree in my 30s, and this decade has yet to reveal itself…”

She explains that things have changed now that their twin boys have finished their first year at pre-school, saying: “We are finally able to travel with them, bring them to restaurants and it’s not pure carnage and chaos.”

Rosanna Davison Pic: Evan Doherty

“I mean it’s still extremely busy and they’re still up early, but that haze has lifted.”

She’s ready to move into the next stage of her life.

“I’m sort of getting to the point of looking at doing a bit more. Obviously Dancing With the Stars was my first step back in to committing to a project, and it was a fantastic experience.

“I might be mad but I am thinking about maybe going back to study part-time. It’s exciting to be entering a new decade with a new plan.”

Pick up the June issue of VIP Magazine to read our full interview with Rosanna Davison

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