Rosanna Davison attracts controversy with latest health column and gets slated online

The foodie model wrote about the dangers of gluten - and Twitter ain't happy about it

Rosanna is no stranger to controversy
Rosanna is no stranger to controversy

Top model Rosanna Davison has caused controversy in the past over her comments about nutrition, and she has found herself into trouble yet again thanks to her latest healthy eating column.

The foodie has suggested that gluten is “responsible for a huge range of medical conditions from autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia to arthritis”, which has caused her to face huge backlash online. She previously ruffled some feathers by encouraging her followers to ditch dairy products from their diet, which farmers claimed was “reprehensible”.

The former Miss World has now claimed that her husband Wesley Quirke has experienced relief from “rheumatoid arthritis in his knuckles and knees” after going gluten-free.

The model has a healthy eating book out this week
The model has a healthy eating book out this week

Writing in the Irish Independent, the 31-year-old added that her skin suffered “chronic breakouts” because of gluten, and her skin would be inflamed and sore. She said she stopped eating wheat and within a week or two “it had all calmed down”.

Despite being a qualified naturopathic nutritionist, Arthritis Ireland stated that there was no backbone to Rosanna’s theory.

Rosanna and hubby Wes
Rosanna and hubby Wes

“There is no evidence to suggest that the serious auto-immune disease of #RA can be managed through a gluten free diet,” the organisation tweeted. Countless other tweets have criticised her statements, with one writing: “”I think  should stick to modelling & leave treating medical/psychiatric illnesses to those with the appropriate qualifications.”

RTE journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes wrote: “This is dangerous nonsense from Rosanna Davison with real world implications for people’s health and wallets” while another Twitter user said: “According to Rosanna Davison if I cut out gluten my Rheumatoid Arthritis will disappear! This is irresponsible peddling.”

The model has yet to respond to the controversy.


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