REVIEWED: Great Lengths. Here’s how VIP fared with hair extensions…

We trialled the 100% natural human hair extensions - and here's what we thought.

We tried out Great Lengths
We tried out Great Lengths

We sent Staff Editor Niamh along to Lorna Flannery in Newcastle Hair & Beauty to try out the coveted Great Lengths hair extensions. Here’s what she thought…

“Growing up, I’d always wanted to have long hair. My hair type is thick & curly, and for some reason, I could never get past that frustrating in-between length – which probably wasn’t helped when I spontaneously opted for a terrible elevated bob when I was 18 (I still wince at the photos…)

Don’t get me wrong, I love short hair on women, and constantly admire cute pixie cuts, lobs and bobs with bangs. But for me, the idea of having tumbling, swishing, Disney-like locks filled me with joy.

Before Niamh got Great Lengths
Before Niamh got Great Lengths

So, when Great Lengths offered me to trial their 100% natural human hair extensions, I didn’t have to be asked twice. Leading up to my appointment in Newcastle Hair & Beauty, I was beyond excited at the thought of my transformation, but as the date grew closer, I became a little apprehensive.

How long would the process take? Would my hair be damaged? Was the application process painful? These were just some of the questions that started to float around my mind as I headed into the salon.

But I needn’t have been worried. As soon as I met hair extensions pro Lorna Flannery, she put me at ease, and explained that since my hair was freshly washed and dried, the process would only take over three hours, and would be pain-free.

Lorna explained to me that Great Lengths are the highest quality of extensions you can get, and work by being bonded to your own hair with a keratin bond – which doesn’t cause damage.

After - the Disney look is complete.
After – the Disney look is complete.

I was so surprised at how tiny the bonds are. Unless you go looking for them, you can’t see them as they completely blend into the hair – although you can feel them if you run your hands through your hair, but this is something you get used to after a few weeks.

Moreover, I couldn’t believe how Lorna was able to brush my hair through, firmly from the root, as if it was my own – but she told me that as long as I used the right tools, the extensions can be treated just like it is your hair.

When the application was complete (I opted for a full head), and Lorna had curled my amazing new hair, I didn’t even recognise myself. As I told her on the evening, it was literally the hair of my dreams – I was so over the moon that I finally had the kind of gorgeous gruaige I never thought I’d have.

The extensions can be styled with heating tools as if it's your own hair
The extensions can be styled with heating tools as if it’s your own hair

Three months in, and the extensions are as fabulous as ever. Also, you can get them coloured, so getting highlights for the summer months wasn’t an issue, which was a pleasant surprise, again.

What I really love about them is that they adapted to my curly hair, so if I haven’t got as much time to style my locks, I can leave them looking beachy and wavy, but when I get them styled in the salon, I feel a million dollars.

Last week's red carpet for the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards - wearing Cari's Closet
Niamh on last week’s red carpet for the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards – wearing Cari’s Closet.

Prime example of this was at The Peter Mark VIP Style Awards which took place at The Marker Hotel last week. The guys in Peter Mark did a stunning job on my hair and it made me feel so confident as I chatted to the glammed-up celebrities on the red carpet.

The best news? The extensions can last up to eight months – and I am dreading that day when I have to say goodbye…”

Niamh’s top extensions tips:

– Make sure to get a brush from the Great Lengths range, as otherwise you will pull the extensions and cause them damage.

– Never use conditioner on your bonds. This will cause them to loosen and slip.

-When using heating products, apply them away from the bonds, to avoid damage.

– Although not necessary, I recommend getting a salon blow-dry every now and then, to make sure your locks are kept in tip-top shape.


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