Review: Does a 16-week blow dry REALLY work!?

We tested the theory!

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There’s plenty to love about this time of year – Christmas songs have started blaring on the radio, preparations have begun for the 12 Pubs and we’re counting down the days to heading home for the holidays.

But there’s also the downside of the bitter wind and freezing temperatures, which we all know wreaks havoc on our poor locks, making our hair dry, brittle and lacklustre. Boo!

With this in mind, we jumped at the chance to try out QOD – an organic luxury hair treatment that “eliminates frizz and rejuvenates and straightens all hair types” – or as you might know it, the 16 week blow dry.

VIP headed to the fabulous Gillian Edgeworth Hair Studio where we we were informed of how the treatment works. First up is a deep cleansing shampoo, with no conditioner, and the hair is then blowdried about 70% dry.

At this point, a thin layer of the QOD product is applied all over the hair, and then blowdried out. Each section of the hair is then straightened over ten times to ensure the best results possible.

VIP's Niamh's hair after the QOD treatment
VIP’s Niamh’s hair after the QOD treatment

After the straightforward, simple and very quick application process, I was warned that the key aspect to the treatment working is to make sure the hair does not get wet for up to 48 hours.

“Some people come in and say it didn’t work – and then admit they went to the gym the night they got it done or had a shower,” my hairdresser told me.

As I was heading to London the following day for a weekend of sightseeing, with a torrential downpour forecast, I was a little apprehensive whether I could keep the rain at bay from my tresses.

But I got the brolly out and put the hood up and managed to keep my locks bone dry, leading to seriously amazing results.

When I finally could wash my hair, I was over the moon with how easily I could blow-dry my hair, and how silky smooth it both looked and felt.

Almost one month later, my hair is much more manageable, with a noticeable reduction in frizz and an overall healthy boost to its appearance.

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