Rachel Gorry admits she gave herself a migraine after sharing her new boyfriend online

Rachel Gorry

Rachel Gorry shared a black-and-white picture of her hand intertwined with a man’s.

She revealed that she had found love again four years after her husband, Daniel sadly passed away in 2020.

However, she has now confessed that she was very “nervous” about going public about her new romance.

She opened up about the decision to share her romance online on the podcast, Big News Coming Soon.

Rachel Gorry
Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

“If people can message me and say ‘I’m delighted your husband is dead’ or ‘your husband is being eaten by maggots’, I was thinking well they’re going to come for me if I’m in a new relationship,” she admitted.

“I wanted to share it like I have nothing to hide and I’m so happy, but the nerves were there.”

She even admitted that she got a migraine from worrying about the potential backlash from those online after sharing pictures of her new boyfriend.

She went on to say that she won’t “thrust” her boyfriend into the limelight of social media.

Rachel Gorry Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I always said I’ll keep my private life private.”

She went on to say that no one will ever replace her late husband, Daniel.

“I will talk about Daniel until the day that I die, and I never want him to be forgotten, ever. And that’s not only important for me, but I also think that’s so important for my girls,” she explained.

“And regardless, I have a new boyfriend now, I am madly in love with him, and I’m really mad about him… [but] my love for Daniel doesn’t affect my love for my new boyfriend.


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“I think it takes a really special kind of a person to be with a widow or a widower, to understand and be ok with that, because I never want to start talking about Daniel and if that was ever an issue then I couldn’t.

“I think people who take on, not take on I suppose isn’t probably the right word, but a widow or a widower, they’re amazing people.”

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