Q&A with Emma Manley

We chat to Irish fashion designer Emma Manley of Manley fashion line– a Peter Mark Style Award nominee FYI – about SS15, cringey looks of the past & how some days she just couldn't be bothered...

designer emma manley
Emma Manley knows style – we caught up with her for a chat.


What are your fave looks at the moment?

The magpie in me is screaming METALLIC! It’s so perfect for SS15. It brightens up any look.

I’m always a sucker for sportswear but the kind you wear with heels or the kind that’s made from silk and leather! We’ve seen a lot of sportswear come strutting down the catwalks the past few seasons and I fully intend on sporting it this summer.

What are your Spring wardrobe essentials?

The Manley Mila leather tee – you can dress it down for the office or up for a night out. It’s one of those versatile, chameleon-like pieces. Also, a chunky Honour Fitzsimons knit. I love the idea of throwing on a chunky knit instead of a jacket in good weather.

Irish designers – who are you a fan of?

Right now it’s got to be Simone Rocha. She’s flying the Irish flag and making the fashion world take notice of Irish design. We’ve a hell of a lot of talent in this country, we just need some help nurturing it.

Do you think Irish women are becoming more style conscious?

Yup, and it’s been happening for quite some time. I reckon the days of sloppy tracksuits and Ugg boots are almost behind us … not quite, but almost! It’s very hard for women to avoid fashion these days. Women want to look good and now they have the tools available to them to help out.

What’s been your biggest splurge?

I may not have actually bought this myself, but it is the most expensive piece in my wardrobe other than Manley, but that doesn’t count for me right?! It’s a divine Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Sutra Metro’ leather shoulder bag. I have always dreamt of a designer handbag and this Christmas, my dreams came true – thanks to himself.

And your best bargain?

I’m a great one for picking up deadly shoes in the Christmas sales. Topshop, Kurt Gieger and Carvella are usually my go-to places.

Who’s your style inspo?

Kate Mara is my current girl crush. If I’m honest, Alexa Chung is always going to be on my style icon list. Im pretty sure she features on 90% of girls’ lists but I’m OK with that. Then there is Diane Kruger – that’s one chick who NEVER gets it wrong.

Do you find you dress depending on your mood?

Doesn’t everyone? I have days when I clip-clop to work in my heels and Manley’s latest leather dress. The next day you could find me in my Nike’s, boyfriend jeans and the biggest jumper I could find. I do try to have some consistency but hell I’m a girl, my moods are fairly all over the place and my wardrobe comes along for the ride!

Aside from big names, do you ever find yourself raiding any boutiques?

Yeah – we have so many great boutiques in Dublin that it would be rude not to! Costume on Castle Market street has a beautifully curated collection of designer gear. Loularie has the coolest costume jewellery that you won’t find anywhere else.

Confession time – what was your biggest fashion faux pas?

I’ve made so many, it’s hard to choose! There was that Calvin Klein see-through raincoat that came free with a bottle of CK1 perfume in the early 90’s, about four sizes too big. It looked more like a space costume then a designer jacket. Then there was that dreaded year when I sported my sister’s secondary school PE uniform. I feel like I’m not the only one who did that. Some people just won’t own up to it!

How about your biggest fashion victory?!

I’m hoping that will happen at the VIP Style Awards in April…I best get making my gúna so!



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