Pippa O’Connor supports breastfeeding mums: “I would feed Louis anywhere and I wouldn’t care”

She's taking a stance.

The new mum is taking a stance
The new mum is taking a stance

Pippa O’Connor has spoken out in support of all breastfeeding mothers, insisting they should not feel embarrassed when feeding their child in public.

The model gave birth to second child, Louis, last month and has been sharing her experiences of being a new mum with social media followers ever since.

Pippa was stunned by the amount of people who thanked her for being open about breastfeeding.

She took to Snapchat and said, “I got so many comments about breastfeeding which I was surprised by. Comments saying things like ‘Thanks for highlighting it.’

“I forgot how maybe little it’s done here. I don’t think anyone should feel embarrassed. I would feed Louis anywhere and I wouldn’t care.”


The beauty blogger was brought up in a home where breastfeeding was seen as a normal way of life for any new mum, so it was very natural for Pippa.

She said, “For me, it felt like a natural option. My mum breastfed us. I saw my sister do it, I saw my aunts do it and to be honest I find it easier than the bottles and sterilising.

“You should do what you want and do what works for you and your baby. If it works, brilliant, and don’t be embarrassed if you’re out and about.”

We’re with you on this one Pippa!

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