Pippa O’Connor opens up about struggling to balance work and motherhood

The star took to snapchat to discuss the difficulties.

VIP Ireland
VIP Ireland

Pippa O’Connor has opened up about her struggles with balancing it all.

The businesswoman has a busy schedule between blogging, running her POCO jeans brand, raising two children and more.

A follower asked her about how she managed to balance everything, and Pippa took to Snapchat to get real about how difficult it can be.

“First of all I am by no means perfect. My idea of balance might be your idea of a nightmare. Absolutely no one has it all perfect and sussed, or the best of everything, because that’s just not possible,” she revealed.

The fashionista added that she has felt guilty about working so much while having children.

“If you’re a working mother, you sacrifice loads of things to do that, and with that comes guilt. Don’t be fooled by the social media, by mine or by anyone else’s. We all share the majority of the best bits. Instagram is full of beautiful pictures and outfit posts, because that’s what I like to share and that’s fine.

“Personally speaking, I struggle all the time to try and work and to make sure my kids are okay, or whether they are okay when I’m away from them. Then you feel bad if you come home and you’re not cooking a fresh meal, like no one does it all perfectly.”

Pippa and Brian with their son Ollie. Instagram/PippaO'Connor
Pippa and Brian with their son Ollie. Instagram/PippaO’Connor

Pippa has said in the past that she wants her social media pages to be positive rather than to bring people down.

“I don’t come on Snapchat when my kids are having a meltdown and they’re driving me mad. Snapchat is the last thing on my mind when something’s not going right, whether it’s work or I had a fight with my husband, or something’s gone wrong.

“I love my Snapchat to be positive and uplifting. I know you’re women like me, my age, with a family, and you sit down at 8 o’clock when the kids have gone to bed and you want a bit of escapism. So I’m not gonna sit here and be like ‘And this happened to today, and that, and that’

“I want people to smile watching my Snapchat, I don’t want 100,000 people to be like, ‘ugh, she’s depressing me as well as herself.’

“There’s things in business that are really brain-frying and difficult. You’ve no idea of the blood, sweat, and often daily tears that goes along with it. There’s loads of crap.”

Pippa and Louis. Instagram/PippaO'Connor
Pippa and Louis. Instagram/PippaO’Connor

The blogger admitted that she is aware that she is in a better position that others.

“I’m lucky to have my husband in business with me, so that’s a big plus and a big help. If he wasn’t in it with me I wouldn’t be able to do what I do at the level I do it at.

“When it comes to my kids, I know I’m fortunate. Ollie goes to preschool so that’s different, but we have an amazing girl who looks after Louis, and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

“I rely on so many other things to make it all happen. I’m not here cooking and cleaning and minding kids and working at the same time. I rely heavily on different things and different people and I’m so fortunate that I’m able to put all that in place so I can do what I want to do.”

Finally, she explained that people often want what they can’t have, as proven by she and her own friends.

“I don’t think anyone has the perfect life. Some of my friends are stay-at-home mums now, and I’m envious of them because that makes me feel bad, like, ‘Jesus, should I be doing that?’

“And then they say to me, ‘You’re so lucky to be in a position to do what you do.’ So I don’t think that anyone thinks they know it all.”


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