Pippa O’Connor on surgery: “I’d definitely consider a boob job”

The fashionista has admitted she isn't opposed to getting some work done

Pippa stuns in STELLAR's latest shoot
Pippa stuns in STELLAR’s latest shoot |Naomi Gaffey

Her looks are the envy of women across the country – but model and blogger Pippa O’Connor has revealed she would consider plastic surgery in the future.

The mum-of-one (30) has admitted that if she was to have another child, getting a boob job wouldn’t totally be out of the question.

Pippa, whose new make up palette with Blank Canvas completely sold out yesterday, is the coverstar and guest editor for this month’s STELLAR magazine and spoke candidly about how she’d like to expand her family.

“I’d definitely like to have more children,” she exclusively told our sister mag, “but I don’t feel any pressure yet. I’m only 30, so I might feel differently in a year or two.”

But the fashionista, wife of presenter Brian Ormond, admitted that when she does have another child, she may look into booking a nip and tuck.

Seriously... how fab does she look in this skirt?! | Naomi Gaffey
Seriously… how fab does she look in this skirt?! | Naomi Gaffey

“I definitely feel different about my body since having Ollie,” she told STELLAR. “To everyone else it looks the same, but I breastfed Ollie for four months. Your boobs are never the same!”

“I’d definitely consider a boob job after my next child… there’d be no point doing it now.”

I breastfed Ollie for four months. Your boobs are never the same!

And the gorgeous blonde also said she’d “never say never” when it comes to other surgical interventions such as botox and fillers:

“I’m not against it, but I feel like, once you start, you can’t stop,” she says. “When people do it excessively, it looks dreadful. Maybe we just don’t notice the people who do it well!”

For the full interview, as well as a peak inside Pippa’s beauty bag, a shoot showcasing how she transitions her fashion from summer to autumn, her 10 most influential women AND a look at her exclusive new palette, make sure to get a copy of the August issue of STELLAR, on shelves 15th July (€1.95).

Get your copy tomorrow! YAY!
Get your copy tomorrow! YAY!



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