Pretty Pink Lips…Here’s How to Get Them!

Love a pink lip as much as we do? Check out our tips on how to perfect the pretty look - and our gallery of Irish celebs who know exactly how to nail it.

Here at VIP Towers, we love a pretty pink pout. Pink to make the boys wink, wha!

The genius of this feminine colour is how the huge range of different shades can compliment all hair types, eye colours and make-up looks with ease—something we don’t see with other colours so much.

Here’s how to perfect your pink lip… with Irish celebs showing how it’s done!

Step 1: Find your color

Generally, darker skin tones look best with a brighter shade of pink, and lighter skin tones do better with a rosier, subtle shade.

But, in saying that, just because you have pale skin does NOT mean you can’t pull off that tube of candy pink – just look at top model Aoife Walsh for some inspo!

Whatever you go for, find a shade that enhances your natural colour. Top tip: When you exercise, take a look at your post-workout lips – they should be pretty & pink. Try to match that shade with your lipstick.

Step 2: Use a balm

This will ensure you have the smoothest, softest lips possible to work with when applying your lippy. It’s totes simple – just whack on a little bit of Vaseline and you’re good to go!

Step 3: Line your lips

It’s important to match your liner to your natural lip liner: otherwise you might look like your toddler mistook your mouth for a colouring book. Start from the center bow of the lip and drag the pencil in short, feathery lines, lining just outside your entire pout. We love to take the pencil through the center of the lip to make sure the colour sticks.

Step 4: Add your lippy!

Applying your lipstick directly onto the lips if its brand new and still has a fine point at the end is fine, but otherwise, you’ll get best results by using a lipstick brush – start from the center and work your way out, going light to start with and gradually adding colour.

Step 5: Blot

To get lasting impact from your new pink pout, take a piece of toilet paper, place it between your lips and press down.

Step 6: Gloss it up!

Your look is complete! Now all you need is a dash of lip gloss to make your lips look healthy, full & supple. In the middle of your pout, dab a bit of pearl or clear gloss and rub your lips together, spreading the gloss from the top lip to the bottom. Reapply as needed. We love MAC’s Clear Lipglass (€18.00 at Brown Thomas).


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