Paul Mescal: “I feel incredibly proud to be Irish”

Paul Mescal Pic: Instagram/Felicity Kay

Paul Mescal has gone from sausage ads to starring in one of the most anticipated film in the world – Gladiator 2.

And the Maynooth man admits that the hype around the film is “absolutely bananas”.

Speaking to Dave Moore on Today FM, he confessed: “On my end, the hype is kind of warranted. It’s just indicative of the legacy this film has.”

He quickly added: “Going from sausage ads to this wasn’t in the bingo card for me.”

Paul Mescal plays Lucius Pic: Paramount Pictures

While he’ll be showing off his skills in the Colosseum in November, he’ll never forget his Irish roots.

He credits his time on the GAA pitch for helping him land the role in the “beast of a film”.

He admits: “Look whatever it took to get me over the line. I’m well used to throwing myself around on a pitch and that was useful in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome for sure!”

He goes on to say: “I’ve said this many times, I feel incredibly proud to be Irish. Me and Andrew Scott both spoke about this, coming home to do the All Of Us Strangers premiere last year.

Pic: Instagram/Searchlight Pictures

“I think I’m absolutely biased, but I think we have the most extraordinary country. People who are deeply supportive of the artists that we have and we’re kind of as a country punching far above our weight in terms of the output and long may it continue and it should be supported because we’ve got immense talent for such a small country.

“I definitely feel an overwhelming sense of support from people back home and I can’t wait to take the film there to be honest.”

As to what we can expect from the film? Well Paul simply says: “Lots of blood and dirt-covered sweaty men running around for 2 and half hours.”


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