Paul Brogan has full support of Brogan family…slagging and all

Paul Brogan Pic: Kyran O’Brien/kobpix

Paul Brogan may not be topping the leaderboard on Dancing with the Stars. But he has been topping the leaderboard in the Brogan household.

His parents and his brothers, Bernard and Alan have been in his corner since day one.

Speaking to VIP Magazine ahead of Sunday night’s show, he says: ”I am very close with my family. I speak to them every single day and they’re always looking for updates and they want videos.”

Although he knows that he isn’t the strongest dancer and admits he would be proud of himself if he was sent home this week or if he made it to week 10, he jokes his family’s advice isn’t always the best.

Paul Brogan Pic: Kyran O’Brien/kobpix
”We went for a meal the other week with my brothers and they told me to relax on stage and just be myself. Sure that’s easy for them to say over a few pints. But it’s all love. They have come to the first couple of shows, they love it.

Being the youngest of three boys has prepared him for plenty of good old fashioned slagging. And he’s been dealing with plenty of it since joining the series.

”I said in the last show, if they stopped slagging me I would be wondering what’s going on. It’s a very Irish thing, if you’re not being slagged there’s something not right. So long may it last. But like I said, it’s all love. Of course, there are going to be a few digs.

”When you’re doing a dance show and you’ve never danced before and when you’re way out of your comfort zone. You can come across as foolish. You’re dressed up in costumes. I can’t dance, whatever about now, if you had have seen me eight weeks ago. You have to expect a bit of stick with that.”

Dancing with the Stars continues on RTÉ One on Sunday at 6:30pm

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