Operation Transformation leader asked to take break due to burnout fears

Lorraine Dempsey Pic: David Cantwell

We’re not even a month into Operation Transformation and one of the leaders has been asked to take a step back.

This week’s episode was overshadowed by the discussion of burnout.

42-year-old Lorraine Dempsey was left overwhelmed when Dr Eddie Murphy visited her home. She explained that she was struggling to juggle her primary school job as well as managing her family.

Dr Eddie joined her to help her with her stress levels as she explained that her “straw is shorter with the kids”.

Lorraine Dempsey Pic: David Cantwell

She told him that she has two SIM cards for her phone as she has so many work-related incidents that she has to sort out.

“I can’t just keep going the way I’m going. My brain has so much in it, I feel I’m burnt out,” she admitted.

“I’m exhausted from everything and I’m still trying to scramble. I don’t want to keep going the way I’m going.”

When she stood in front of the panel for her weekly check-in.

Lorraine Dempsey Pic: RTÉ

“You are exhausted and exercise isn’t going to help,” Karl Henry said.

“We have done a first. We’ve said ‘No’. You’ve got to stop and I’d say up and down the country, principals, teachers, nurses, people in management people are experiencing this. You know, there was a massive ramp-up during COVID,” Dr Murphy said.

Lorraine was then told to come off the plan completely for a week and spend the time relaxing instead of exercising.

Viewers praised Lorraine for her strength after the emotional episode.


Operation Transformation continues on Wednesday at 9:30pm on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player

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