Operation Transformation host Kathryn Thomas reveals that some Irish celebs weren’t happy about being asked to take part in the show

Yikes, that's awkward...

Eeeek, awkward!
Eeeek, awkward!


The first series of Celebrity Operation Transformation aired on RTE One earlier this year, with six celebs taking part in the challenge of losing weight and making healthy steps to change their life.

Gerald Kean, Brenda Donohue, Katherine Lynch, Karl Spain and Elaine Crowley all took part in the series and did a fantastic job, losing almost seven stone between them. However, according to host Kathryn Thomas not all celebrities were happy about being asked to take part in the spin-off series.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror Kathryn revealed that some of Ireland’s well-known faces weren’t pleased about receiving a phone call from RTE.

“I was glad I wasn’t making the phone calls. There wasn’t the greatest reaction to some of those phone calls, from the people who didn’t (say yes to taking part),” she said.

The celebs did a fantastic job on the series.
The celebs did a fantastic job on the series.


The 37-year-old presenter also told the newspaper that she would be shocked if the show wasn’t commissioned for another season, as it turned out even better than producers had hoped.

“It worked so well. The guys on it were so honest and that’s what we worried about, that they wouldn’t be.

“They were all really themselves – they were really entertaining along with being engaging in terms of wanting to learn.

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet because (RTE) won’t confirm it until 2017 but I would be really surprised if they didn’t (recommission it).

Operation Transformation is such a big brand and there was that worry that if you put celebrities in the mix, they might not be as honest and could just play to the camera.

“But they didn’t – it was a good casting,” she said.

We have our fingers crossed that there is another series on the cards!

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