On the couch with…Cathy Belton

Pic: Andres Poveda

We sat down with Irish actor Cathy Belton star of RTÉ drama, Hidden Asset.

Cathy, what were you doing before you sat down to answer these questions?

I was walking the dog and after this I’ll be roasting a chicken for dinner.

We’ll be watching you on telly, who will you be watching?

I love watching a TV series live and partaking in the water cooler analysis after. I’m looking forward to series two of The Dry and have lined up Veep as well, which I have never seen before and comes heartily recommended!

What’s the best thing you’ve watched recently?

Best TV shows: Happy Valley and Succession. Best movie: Oppenheimer. Cillian Murphy is extraordinary in it!

What movie makes you laugh?

Two movies I go back to again and again and howl at are Bridesmaids and an oldie starring Gerry Lewis, The Disorderly Orderly.

Pic: Andres Poveda

What is a series that made a lasting impact on you?

Dopesick: flawless and devastating.

Tell us your dream role.

A lead in a Greta Gerwig or Martin McDonagh film. Or a lead in a wonderfully written TV series.

What is the biggest part you’ve ever missed out on?

Too painful to answer!

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about your career?

The joy of never feeling like it’s work when I get to act. Least favourite would be the insecurity and never knowing where the next job is coming from.

What is the best script you’ve ever read?

Philomena by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope.

How do you know when a character is right for you?

When I can’t put the script down and my gut screams, ‘Yes’!

Tell us how you learn your lines!

Time and effort. I sometimes record them and listen to them when walking the dog. They creep in nicely then.

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