Nicola Coughlan explains why she wears Ceasefire pin

Nicola Coughlan Pic: Netflix

Nicola Coughlan is currently touring the world chatting about Bridgerton.

She is breaking records on Netflix and leading one of the biggest shows in the world.

Throughout the entire tour, Nicola has accessorised her outfits at each event with a very important pin.

She has been wearing an Artists4Ceasefire pin which was created by a collective of artists and advocates who have come together to show support for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan Pic: Netflix

Speaking to USA Today, she explained why she will always be wearing the red pin.

“It’s very important for me because I feel like I’m a very privileged person. I’m doing my dream job and getting to travel the world, but then I’m hyper-aware of what’s happening in Rafah at the moment,” she said.

“My dad was in the Irish army, which is a peacekeeping force. He was a member of the UN, so my family actually lived in Jerusalem in the late 70s.

“He was part of UNTSO, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, so it was about brokering peace in the Middle East.”


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She went on to say: “I feel very passionately about it. I’m Irish also, so it’s sort of a different perspective.

“And I just feel, if I have this global platform, which I do at the minute, I think if I can hopefully raise funds for aid organizations – I have a fundraiser on my Instagram right now for medical aid for Palestine.”

She previously discussed her decision to be vocal about Palestine with Teen Vogue, especially because she was told she would lose work.

“You do get told, ‘You won’t get work, you won’t do this. But I also think, deep down, if you know that you’re coming from a place of ‘I don’t want any innocent people to suffer,’ then I’m not worried about people’s reactions.”

Fair play, Nicola.

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