Maura Derrane opens up about her “wild side”

Maura Derrane Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

Maura Derrane may be known for her demure nature on The Today Show, but behind the scenes, she is anything but.

In the latest issue of VIP Magazine, Maura lifted the lid on the side of herself that is not seen by the public.

“I worked in news for years,” she tells us.

“Everyone thought I was really serious! When I moved from news to Ireland A I used to have a bit of craic with Mark Cagney, but for the most part, I’ve always worked on ‘safe’ shows so I’ve never been allowed to fully be myself. In real life, I do like to have a good time!”

Maura Derrane Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

However, Maura doesn’t feel like she’s changing who she is really when she’s on telly. In fact, she tells us that viewers have assured her of the fact.

“But, what viewers say to me when they meet me is that they feel like I’m honest and open. And that’s what I’d like to think, that I’m vert honest and open always.”

That she is!

She adds that she feels media is “such a serious place” now compared to when she started “back in the noughties”.

Maura Derrane Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

Well, she and Dáithí Ó Sé always have a great laugh on The Today Show!

To read the full interview pick up the January issue of VIP Magazine in shops nationwide now.


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