Mary Black’s daughter Róisín O’s thoughts on being a “nepo baby”

There has been some controversy over the idea of children of celebrities having residual fame from their families.

Some people believe that celebrities piggybacking off the success of their famous parents somehow makes their achievements lesser than those who have come from nothing.

The term “nepo baby”, popped up in 2022 and made the round on social media with people sharing their opinions and views and the idea of keeping fame within the family.

Some artists have taken offence to the term, but Irish singer Róisín O seems to think that there is nothing wrong with it a little bit helps. As a member of one of the biggest Music dynasties in Ireland Róisín doesn’t seem to mind the controversial label.

“I think it’s a fair enough term. I find it quite funny,” she said when speaking with the Irish Independent.

She believes that having family in the music industry is of course an advantage but it can’t create your career.

“I think there has to be a level of talent, that people are there for you and not just who your family are.”

Roisin explained: “Of course there is an element of being able to get your foot in the door,” but she says that you have to be able “to get through the door and keep yourself inside”.

Pic via Instagram @roisinomusic

Róisín believes that the women in her family have done more than just help her get her foot in the door. She says her mother, Mary Black and her aunt, Francis Black carved out successful careers gave her the courage and belief to take on such an unstable Industry.

“I’ve definitely thought that I could always do this job because the women in my family went ahead and did it before me… I had that idea that ‘Yeah, I can do this as well as a man’.”

Even though she has no desire to ream up and work with any of her musical relatives, Roisin has immeasurable admiration for her family and continues to rely on their support.

“The people I turn to most in my life are my family. I can always call my parents when something goes wrong, but even more so in the last few years, I turn to my brother Danny of The Coronas” Roisin said in an interview with the Irish Independent back in 2022.

Pic via instagram @roisinomusic

After releasing her first album in 2012, it took 10 years for the Dublin native to finally release new music. That time was not spent ideal. Roisin has taken on multiple projects over the last few years including being part of a double act Thanks Brother, part taking in the Irish Women in Harmony choir and even supporting international pop star Lionel Richie.

All of these experiences has helped Roisin to develop her own distinct style which separates her from the rest of her famous family.

Roisin will be spending the summer performing at festivals all around the country. Her first stop is Ireland’s leading family-focused music and arts festival Kaleidoscope at Russborough House, Blessington Co.Wicklow this summer, taking place from June 30th to July 2nd.

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