Love Island fans all saying the same thing about Scott and Catherine after last night’s confrontation


Last night’s Love Island proved to be one of the most dramatic yet, as Scott gathered the villa for a confrontation over the talk about his relationship with Catherine.

For the past few days, some of the islanders, particularly Tyrique, Sammy, Jess, and Montel have voiced their opinion that Scott’s feelings for Catherine aren’t genuine and he is playing a game. However, this was said behind Catherine and Scott’s backs, and wanting to get the full story, Scott called everyone to the firepit for a chat.   

With the footballer addressing the speculation head on, he said: “Everyone, can you all come round the fire pit…me and Catherine were sat in the den and I can hear everyone saying my name multiple times. If anyone’s got an issue with anything that’s going on, just air it out now in front of everyone.”

Tyrique was quick to respond, saying: “I feel like it’s a feeling within the Villa for myself that people think you are semi playing a game…you’re definitely over exaggerating your feelings for Catherine.”

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With Catherine saying: “That was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever personally been in.” Before she was cut off by Tyrique who interjected saying: “Catherine, we apologise for making you feel uncomfortable, because that’s not fair.”

With Whitney interjecting: “no, you apologise.”

Tyrique went on to add: “If the majority of people feel one way, then maybe there’s an element of truth.”

“But why? What have I said? When have I ever said a bad word about the girl?” Scott replied.

“No one is saying you say bad stuff, its about the whole thing, its how you seem, maybe I’m wrong, and you genuinely do feel the way you say you do. I just feel like, and most of us feel like, you’re just with Catherine to try and stay here longer” Tyrique replied.

“No one is saying you don’t have feelings for Catherine, where this is spiraling from is you tried to get to know Leah, you tried to get to know Kady, and neither of them went well. Before you even finished getting to know them you went, bang closed off with Catherine, it was just a bit rash and a bit weird to just close things off completely because it wasn’t really being reciprocated,” Sammy stated. Several islanders objected, pointing out the Leah did have feelings for Scotts.


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“I said to you girls multiple times, if he pulls Leah, finds out that she doesn’t like him, and then comes to me, then I know its all fake, but he didn’t do that,” Catherine explained.

Ella was quick to defend Catherine as she interjected: “She’s upset because she heard all of her friends talking about how the guy she’s with is playing a game.”

As accusations of dishonesty escalated, the discussion hit a boiling point as the Islanders fleed the fire pit in a bid to diffuse the drama. While the boys did apologise later on, fans have voiced their happiness with Scott for facing the drama and defending Catherine.

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