Louise Cooney shares why she won’t be be finding out the sex of her baby


Louise Cooney has recently revealed that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Mark and is very excited about the journey to come.

The influencer is also looking forward to the surprises that lay ahead especially whether she’ll be having a girl or a boy! During an Instagram Q&A, Louise told fans that she won’t be finding out the sex of her baby before the birth.

“We’re not going to find out [the sex], we both were totally on the same page about waiting for the surprise.

“That moment when they hand you the baby and tell you..makes me *teary eye emoji* just thinking of it. I imagine that makes the labor feel so worth it,” she said.


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“But also totally get why you’d find out, being able to pick a name and call them that the next few months, buy things with a gender in mind and just knowing what’s in there must make it feel so real,” she added.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at the Platinum VIP Style Awards, Louise shared her delight about the news saying: “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of since being a teenager and I’ve always been around kids.

“I have young cousins and my brother is eight years younger than me. So I always remember him being younger.

“I can’t believe it’s happening and it’s real… it’s amazing.


“It’s the start of a whole new chapter and we both are like so excited and ready for it even though we’re not at all like we’ve nothing bought and we may be moving and a lot of changes that may be happening but we’re just so excited and I know it will all fall into place.

“I was always a little bit concerned what if I have trouble and so I’m just so grateful that all is going well so far,” the Limerick native shared.

Once again, a huge congratulations Louise!

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