Louis Walsh can’t get enough of Nicole Scherzinger: “She is just the best ever, she puts the rest of us to shame.”

He's been 'singing' her praises...eh?

Louis thinks Nicole is the "best ever."
Louis thinks Nicole is the “best ever.”


As last weekend’s X-Factor saw the 6 chair challenge take place, this years competition is well underway. The panel of judges have been given their categories, and next week they will choose which contestants they will carry through to the live shows.

While also getting the job done, the judging panel are having great banter on this year’s programme. Louis Walsh has recently spoken out about his fellow judges, saying that they all have the experience necessary for the job, and last year’s judges didn’t.

The music mogul had some especially nice words for Nicole Scherzinger, calling her “the best ever.”

She knows the business and can really sing.
She knows the business and can really sing.


Speaking to the Irish Sun Louis said that Nicole can do it all, she can really sing and understands the hard work that the competition takes.

“The big thing is we’ve got experience in the music business. Sharon and I are managers, Simon’s a record company and TV person and then Nicole is just the best ever.

“There’s nobody better than her on any show I’ve ever been on. She can do any kind of music plus she came from this background. So she’s earned it and she knows it. She puts the rest of us to shame,” he said.

While praising Nicole, 64-year-old Louis also spoke of last year’s judges, including Nick Grimshaw and Cheryl Cole. He said to the newspaper that they just weren’t in the same league as the current panel.

“Cheryl was ok but Nicole’s in a different league altogether. It wasn’t Nick Grimshaw’s fault but he’s never booked out a band like I have,” he said.


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