Lottie Ryan reveals family had emergency “practice runs” during her childhood

Lottie Ryan Pic: Brian McEvoy

Lottie Ryan has made it clear that her childhood was not par for the course.

The 2FM presenter has spoken candidly about what it was like to grow up with a famous father.

Speaking on her podcast Jen and Lottie do…Parenting, she has now revealed that she and her four siblings would have “practice runs” of what to do in an emergency situation.

She and Jennifer Zamperelli were discussing their plans of what they would do if someone broke into their home if their husbands were away.

Photo by Lottie Ryan on Instagram

This is when Lottie asked Jennifer if she ever thought about the possibility of a break in when she was a child before revealing that she and her family would go through fake scenarios of what they would do if a fire occurred or if someone broke into their home.

“We used to have practice runs in my home if somebody broke in or if there was a fire,” she told a shocked Jennifer.

“We did it on the regular, regularly enough that it’s embedded in my brain.”

She went on to reveal that they had panic buttons in their home when she was growing up.


“You’d know what rooms had panic buttons. You’d know what way you were supposed to go before the lasers came on. The beams that would knock off certain alarm systems. You’d know which window had the ladder to get down and out of the house,” she explained.

Jennifer was shocked before saying: “You did have people rock up to your house with golf clubs. So it’s a good idea.”

Lottie added: “It’s a good idea to have those plans, but you don’t need lasers or panic buttons.”

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