Lorna Weightman: “I’m really excited to be a mum”

Pic: Instagram/Lorna Weightman

Lorna Weightman has been sharing her pregnancy journey on social media.

She is set to welcome her first child later this year and she couldn’t be more excited.

“Baby’s first red carpet,” she giggles as she prepares for the Platinum VIP Style Awards.

We obviously have to ask her how pregnancy is going.

Lorna Weightman

“Pregnancy’s amazing. I actually love it,” she tells us in the Beauty Suite.

“You obviously never know how you’re going to feel. I feel really good. Obviously, the first three months were different. I was a little bit sick and I was tired. But then I got over that.”

“I’m 26 weeks now, I’m getting little kicks which is a really lovely thing. It makes it feel real.

“It’s that time now where I have to go and buy a buggy and get my house ready. That’s the fun part. I’m really excited to be a mum. I didn’t really understand it but now that I’m going to be, I’m so excited.”

Lorna Weightman

She adds that she is so happy to share her journey on social media as she feels like she has her own community.

“I think I found my niche on social media. I am a little bit older, I’m almost 41. It’s hard to figure out where you’re going to be at certain points at your life. Now I feel really comfortable. I’m really excited to share my maternity story.”

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