“Now it’s time for us”: Laura Nolan focusing on relationship with Matthew MacNabb after DWTS

Laura Nolan and Matthew MacNabb

It was an intense three months and that was just for people at home watching Dancing with the Stars.

For Laura Nolan, a professional dancer on the show, the last few months have been intense with rehearsals starting even before Christmas.

It also meant that for her and her partner, Matthew MacNabb, their time together was even more precious.

VIP Magazine caught up with the couple during the Platinum VIP Style Awards with Laura telling us that they were making sure to prioritise their romance now.

Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

“We can spend a bit more time together after Dancing with the Stars now it is time just for us. I was just so busy through the process,” she confesses.

“If it wasn’t for Matthew coming to and spending time with me during rehearsal it would have been very hard for us to see each other. Now is time for us and teaching and The Blonde Bombshell.”

Yes, Laura and Matthew are taking to the floor once again to teach dance classes in Laura’s local area. Although Matthew laughs that he is simply her “sexy assistant”.

“It’s more Laura doing the dance classes and I’m helping out with the DJing. I am the sexy assistant,” he assures us.

Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

And he has always been there to assist Laura in whatever she needs as he has been her biggest supporter especially when it comes to Dancing with the Stars. In fact, Matthew was sure that Laura and her celebrity partner, Kevin McGahern could win the whole thing.

They ended up making it to the semi-final but missed out on a place in the final.

“I thought he was brilliant. Laura’s a great teacher so I knew she would get him there. I had no dancing ability and I got to the semi-final with her,” Matthew adds.

Before joking: “I was good at the lifts. If it had have been Lifting with the Stars that would have been great.”

Pic: Kyran O’Brien/kobpix

Laura wasn’t so sure at the beginning of how far she would go with the comedian, admitting: “Initially, I didn’t know how it was going to go because Kevin was brought in so last minute. I didn’t know how Kevin was going to be as a dancer. But as the competition progressed I really believed in us.”

Of course, the dancer is still as busy as ever as she currently preparing for the tour of her show, The Blonde Bombshell.

“We were hoping it would be successful and we’re hoping the tour will be just as successful so we can do more dates. People are used to musicals they’re not used to dance theatre shows but it went really, really well.”

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