Laura Nolan teases big changes and discusses being a role model on DWTS

Laura Nolan Pic: Brian McEvoy

Laura Nolan danced up a storm in Dancing with the Stars at the start of the year.

And while you would think she would be taking some well-deserved time off she tells VIP Magazine that “life has been mad in the last few weeks”.

From jetsetting to teaching her classes (we’re big fans of her line-dancing videos!), she is still flat to the matt. However, she teases that she has a big change coming.

A change that she can’t chat about just yet.

Laura Nolan and Matthew MacNabb Pic: Brian McEvoy

“We have a very, very big thing coming this summer,” she reveals at the Platinum VIP Style Awards.

“Something massive is happening in me and Matthew’s [MacNabb] life. But I haven’t announced it yet. I am 30 at the end of May, so we’re having a big party and it’s also a party for another reason. But I can’t announce it just yet! But it’s something huge that will change our lives massively.”

This year on Dancing with the Stars, she led several of the pro-dances and she admits that she feels like she has reached a “pinnacle” because of it.

“It was brilliant! The pro-dances were just so elevated this season. It was unbelievable, to lead so many pro-dances. I felt like I had reached a pinnacle there, to be able to showcase what I have done my whole life was incredible. I loved it.”

Laura Nolan

Being one of the most prominent pro-dancer on DWTS, she gets emotional as she knows just how inspirational the series is to young people watching it.

“That’s the great thing about Dancing with the Stars, it inspires so many children,” she explains.

“I think if I had it when I was a child it would have inspired me so much. It wasn’t until I was a teenager, when I started watching Strictly, that I really started to commit.

“It’s so wonderful, I see it with Matthew’s family. His little niece does dancing now. But before I came into the family there was no talk of dance. But now his niece is all about dancing, she calls me Dancing LaLa! I love it so much!”

Shane Quigley Murphy with his Partner Laura Nolan Pic: Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Yes, Dancing LaLa – we’re seriously obsessed!

“It’s amazing to know that I inspire so many children and to be an aspiration for them, for them to know that there is somewhere to grow to as a dancer. To have that goal as a child is unreal. It’s such a good thing to have a show like Dancing With The Stars in Ireland.”

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