Al Porter opens up about going under the knife before starting new gig

There's something else he really wants fans to know as well.

Al porter

Al porter has opened up about the surgery he has to undergo before he begins working on his new radio show.

The funny man has to get a nose job before he starts his new gig – but he wants fans to know it’s not for cosmetic reasons.

The twenty two year old will be getting the operation to alleviate breathing problems that he has had for years due to a deviated septum.

Al told the Irish Sun that the operation is purely for medical reasons.

He said, “It’s for 100 per cent medical reasons. It’s not something I’m going to start doing again and again. Where you reach a stage where your nose falls off, and you keep it in a box.

“You can’t be gasping with the whole country listening to you. Window cleaners would fall off ladders with the radio on.”

Al Porter

However, Al admits that he will make improvements to his nose while under the knife as he’s not 100 per cent happy with it.

He said, “At the moment I have a nose which looks like I am calling people over. It definitely could be improved so if I’m under the knife, why not?

“I don’t really know what sort of nose I will go for. Does the surgeon show you a catalogue of noses, and you go, ‘I want that one’? I’m not sure. But I’m definitely the first presenter to get a nose job for a gig on radio.”

We wish Al all the best with his surgery!

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