Kathryn Thomas reveals celebrity leader’s awkward Operation Transformation mix-up

We can't wait for it to return to our screens
We can’t wait for it to return to our screens

Kathryn Thomas has opened up about a very awkward encounter with one member of the Operation Transformation team, revealing that when approached, Katherine Lynch thought that she was being offered a very different position on the show.

She admitted that the producers hadn’t the easiest job when it came to approaching people about being on the show, and that it was quite awkward making the initial contact.

The presenter revealed that while the process did lead to a few giggles, she’s very understanding about how tough it’s going to be, and is incredibly proud of the celebrity leaders, Katherine Lynch, Elaine Crowley, Brenda O’Donoghue and Karl Spain for taking part in the show, and bettering themselves.

Speaking exclusively to VIP Magazine, Kathryn said, “ We had a laugh in the office saying, well how do you make that phone call – who wants to get that phone call, ‘Hey, how are you? It’s the Operation Transformation production team.’

“Katherine Lynch said the other day when she got the phone call, she was like, ‘Great, I’d love to present the show!’ I thought that was quite funny.

“It’s not an easy phone call to get, but what I think is really great about all the celebrities taking part, is that they’re all up for the craic and they all really want to lose weight, and are all really anxious about their health.

Katherine Lynch wasn't afraid to have a laugh about it
Katherine Lynch wasn’t afraid to have a laugh about it

“They’ve just had their fitness test in DCU and I think it’s been a wake up call for every single one of them – for various reasons. This is not about shaming anybody and it’s not about them being involved in a reality tv show where they’re doing things for charity, they are doing this for themselves and they are doing this to inspire others, and that’s the bravest thing you can do.”

The whole process officially begins for the stars today, as Kathryn is set to reveal their goals this afternoon.

She told us, “I’m filling in on the Ray D’Arcy Show this week so all the leaders are coming in and we’re going to reveal their targets because their plan starts today. They’ll find out today how much they need to lose this week, so that’s kind of tense.

“I think it’s only becoming real, what they’ve signed up for. Now everyone knows they’re on the show and everyone is watching what they’re putting in their trollies.”

We wish them all the best of luck, and can’t wait to see how they do as the show hits our screens on RTE One, in early September.

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