Kathryn Thomas on society’s view of women: “You’re vilified if you don’t get married or have kids”

She believes women get judged drastically for their life choices.

Kathryn has opened up the pressure on women to start a family
Kathryn has opened up the pressure on women to start a family

Kathryn Thomas has opened up about society’s view of women, ranting that that they’re “vilified” for their life choices if it doesn’t involve marriage or children.

The star believes that despite being in modern times, views from a lot of Irish people are still very traditional when it comes to the role of women in terms of being a homemaker.

Speaking to The Sun, Kathryn said, “Even though I think we’re very progressive as a country now, we’re still quite traditional in our views I suppose, and a normal, happy life is a married life with children – before you’re 30.

“Nowadays you’re told you don’t just have to mind the house and mind the kids, you can be a doctor and you can be the president of Ireland, you can run a multi-million euro organisation, and then all of a sudden you’re vilified because you haven’t got married and you haven’t got kids.”

Kathryn and Padraig
Kathryn and Padraig

She went on to say, “My sister lives in Los Angeles, and for women in their late 30s and early 40s, it doesn’t even come up. If you’re not married, it’s normal, if you don’t have kids, it’s normal.”

Kathryn, who has been seeing her boyfriend Padraig for over two years, also admitted that she finds it somewhat unfair and odd that it’s only ever women who are quizzed about family plans, not men.

“I just can’t wait for the reaction if I ever do get married or have a child, because that’s two questions that are constantly asked – and yet are never asked of guys in the public eye. It’s a strange one,” she said.

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