Joanne McNally offers fans a glimpse at her new boyfriend Alan Byrne


Joanne confirmed her relationship back in May, but since then has kept pretty quiet on the details. But the Dublin gal is starting to open up to fans as she shares some snaps of her new beau.

Sharing a snap of her new boyfriend Alan Byrne, driving the pair to Wicklow.

Alan is an Irish model, who many will recognise from his stint as Mr Diet Coke for the drink’s 2014 campaign. He also works as a popular DJ in Dublin’s social scene.


They pair actually met on Raya, an dating app exclusively for celebrities and notable people.

Speaking on Instagram in May, she confessed; “I’m actually seeing someone. I met an Irish guy on Raya, he’s sound and we’re like, dating or whatever.”

“But obviously I’m going to block him from seeing this video because I don’t want him to know I’m acknowledging were dating, because embarrassing.”


Joanne has opened up about their new relationship, on her hit podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, with Vogue Williams. Using the alias Peter she revealed they have very different personalities.

Saying; “I’m driving Peter mad… I was laughing because Peter is basically you, minus the fallopian tubes on acid.”

“Everything is pristine, everything faces a certain direction… and then there’s me who is accidental carnage. I just come in and everything is upside down and inside out and I don’t even know I’ve done it. I’m whispering because he’s upstairs fixing everything I’ve ruined.”

Sharing a hilarious incident, when she tried to help out with the chores. Joanne explained; “So I tried to make the bed, and of course I came back in later and it had been remade… He’s very nice, he’s just like ‘no worries.’”

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