Joanne Larby issues lengthy statement following online backlash

The Makeup Fairy explained that she received incredibly nasty comments.

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Joanne Larby has returned to social media after several weeks offline.

The blogger, who goes by The Makeup Fairy, received criticism by followers and ‘call-out’ pages for altering her photographs and allegedly providing false information.

She took to Instagram today to share a lengthy statement about her reflection of the issues.

“As many of you are aware I’ve been offline for the past couple of weeks. During this time I’ve had the chance to reflect on the whole scenario and I’ve asked myself what I did to deserve what happened.”

The blogger said that although she regrets some things, she does not feel she deserves the nasty comments.

“In terms of the hate campaign that ensued the answer is nothing, purely because receiving messages from strangers telling me they hope I kill myself or end up on the dole and involving my family is not acceptable.

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“HOWEVER did I deserve to be called out on certain things? 100%. I’ve actually been really humbled by this whole experience and gained a huge amount of knowledge. I hold my hands up to making mistakes, I have plenty of flaws, I’m human and I’m always learning.”

Joanne was called-out for not correctly displaying relevant hashtags for sponsored posts, she also admitted that it can be difficult to balance it all.

“The balance between businesswoman and brand isn’t always easy, but sometimes you just have to bring it back to basics and I would like to say sorry. I’ve listened to your constructive comments, which I’m very grateful for because I’ve learnt a huge amount about myself, my strength and my wonderful followers who don’t believe everything they see or read online.”

She's having a tough time at the moment
She’s having a tough time at the moment

“My content is about enjoying life, trying out new hobbies, finding balance in terms of health and mental wellness. I’m passionate about beauty and fashion and inspiring women to take strength from shitty situations. You’ll catch me in real life most likely laughing confidently with no makeup on and online in front of 150,000 people I feckin’ love a filter. Huge big hug to those of you who have continued to support me x”

It received a mixed reaction in the comment section, with some sending Joanne huge support and others criticising her, labelling it ‘disappointing’.

What do you think of the statement?

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