Jenny Dixon opens up about how she’s finding motherhood

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It’s been a busy few months for Jenny Dixon and her husband Tome Neville as the pair recently welcomed the birth of their beautiful twins back in February.

Despite being born earlier this year, little Bella and Capri were only brought home in April, having to spend the first few weeks of their lives in the NICU.

Now, five weeks after returning home, Jenny has opened up about the ups and downs of motherhood.

“We’re not getting a lot of sleep at times,” the former Fair City star told the Irish Examiner before adding how “magical” being a mother is.


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“We have these little angels and it’s lovely. It’s madness, it’s chaos, but overall it’s just happiness and contentment.”

Jenny then explained how she and Tom work off a system, each taking care of different departments.

“Tom looks after sterilising the bottles, he looks after the cots and building the rocker. I do the baths, the baby laundry, and buy the little baby clothes.

“Whoever seems like they’re out of sleep reserves, the other says, ‘Look, I’ll do the night shift tonight and you sleep’. Tom tends to wake in the night like some kind of noble guardian to see if the babies are OK and he’s often exhausted, so I let him sleep then.”


Thanks to the help of nurses, Jenny managed to get the twins into a routine during their six-week neonatal stay, but as any new mother will understand, it’s not foolproof.

“At the moment we’re keeping them up more during the day — up for two hours, sleep for two hours and so on — and having lots of stimulation with tummy time and toys, so they’ll sleep more at night.”

Jenny also mentioned the amount of stamina that’s needed for taking care of newborn babies, admitting the tiredness compares to nothing she’s ever experienced before.

We hear you there Jenny!

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