Jenny Dixon opens up about being a mum to newborn twin girls

Jenny Dixon at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Jenny Dixon is opening up about life as a new mum to twin girls.

The actress, and her husband Tom Neville, welcomed their daughter Bella and Capri in February and having been sharing their journey with fans on social media.

Chatting to us on the Platinum VIP Style Awards red carpet, the former Fair City star revealed that when it comes to life with twins, she “couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

“I just love the busy-ness of it. One spits out the soother, you put it back in. The next one spits out the soother, you put it back in. One cries for a bottle and then the next one. Me and Tom have one each then, which we want to hold them all the time so its just lovely we have one each to hold,” Jenny gushed.

Jenny Dixon and Tom Neville at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Her husband Tom also gushed about fatherhood, saying: “I’m delighted with them, I dote on them every day. I just can’t stop doting on them.”

Jenny experience a high-risk pregnancy after many years of trying for a child. Being open about her experience on social media, the Dubliner has found a community amongst her followers, with there being a great response to her honest approach.

“It’s been lovely, there’s been a lot of private messages sent of people going through their own journeys and I always make it my business to reply to everyone of them. Because I know how much that bit of hope, or information, or that bit of clarity can mean.”

“I just feel for them and I want them to see the other side of things as well. So its been a community that’s reached out and its lovely but its hard for them because it easier for me to talk from the other side of things. So I do feel for them,” the star shared.

Pic: Instagram/Jenny Lee Dixon

“It is important to talk about it because it normalises things. The whole thing of like getting pregnant and having a baby, its over simplified. That’s all we kind of heard prior, now we do have people speaking and it makes every journey as individual as every journey is, normalised. Because I don’t think there is one journey that’s the same as any other journey,” she continued.

Tom also voiced the importance of sharing the difficult sides of fertility and pregnancy for men, say: “It will happen in time hopefully, but I think its time for us men to step up, and start talking about too. Because, while we’re not personally involved, but after going through what we went through, when I look back at it, if there was more discussion or speaking about that as men, it would have helped me a lot more in supporting my wife and children. Because it would have given me more knowledge and you’d even just feel more secure yourself.”

Outside of raising her girls, Jenny has a full plate, with acting, social media, and her youth work.

Her latest venture is a soon-to-be released film. “I’ve a film out called Split, I shot that a couple of year’s ago but its in cinemas now. It a gangster film, so I’m excited for that,” Jenny explained.

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