Jennifer responds to ‘Storm in a tea cup’ by continuing to take the p*ss

Oh, Jen...

Storm Keating wasn't happy yesterday
Storm Keating wasn’t happy yesterday

Yesterday, Storm Keating took great offence when Jennifer Zamparelli announced on 2fm show Breakfast Republic that the Australian star’s birth name is Sharyn.

The drama began when guest Teresa Mannion spoke about an appearance on The Morning Show in Sydney, where she was told Storm isn’t Ronan Keating’s wife’s real name.

Jennifer then went on a Google search, and shared the results with listeners. “Storm’s real name is in fact, Sharon,” she exclaimed. “We think. I’ve been googling trying to find it, but it might be Sharon.”

Storm, obviously greatly upset by the broadcast, then posted her birth cert on Twitter, explaining: My birth certificate for @JenniferMaguire and anyone else who is curious about my name. My parents took the name “Storm” from one of the novels in Wilbur Smith’s first trilogy (a famous South African journalist) because they loved it and have called me Storm since I was born.

Storm shared her birth cert
Storm shared her birth cert

“They made my first name “Sharyn” because they were worried that people might make fun of me… turns out they were right. The use of middle names is not uncommon, here’s some more people who go by their middle name.” She finished by giving examples of well-known celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell.”

Rather than take the matter seriously, Jennifer responded with her trademark humour. Tweeting a picture of her own birth cert, with the name Ronan Jennifer Maguire, she said: Seeing as we are being honest. My second name is Jennifer and my first name is….

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.11.20

However, we have our doubts over the authenticity of the birth cert, seeing as co-host Keith Walsh is the name of the registrar….

Storm replied with, “Haha ok that’s very funny Happy to come on the show – but depends how early .”

It seemed like water was under the bridge, but this morning on the show, Jen continued to take the p*ss out of the Ozzie tv presenter. Explaining the story to her listeners, she added that Storm’s picture proved that she was right – her first name is Sharyn.

She then proceeded to play the last few seconds from this clip from beloved Irish movie The Snapper…. we wonder if Storm sees the funny side in this!


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