Jamie Dornan opens up about coping with depression following his mum’s tragic death

"It was horrific, horrific. I'm not sure you're ever through it."

It was a tough time for Jamie
It was a tough time for Jamie

Jamie Dornan has opened up about coping with depression following the tragic loss of his mother when he was just 16.

The Irish actor revealed that his mum lost her battle with cancer when he was a school child and just one year later, four of his friends were killed in a car accident. Jamie admitted that the multiple tragedies were devastating and caused him some turbulent teenage years.

He told The Times magazine, “It was horrific, horrific. I’m not sure you’re ever through it.”

Jamie and his father
Jamie and his father


The Anthropoid star went on to recount one summer where he hit rock bottom and his dad told him some home truths.

He said, “I remember a summer when I was 19 and I’d left university, the University of Teesside, where I did one year of a marketing degree. And I came out having failed every exam I took going, ‘Jesus. okay, right, something needs to change here.’ So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I drank a lot that summer.

“My dad came home one day, and he’d been on at me about doing something: ‘Will you just do something? Will you come home when you’ve achieved something?”

“And I’d been like, okay… So one day, we’d played some tennis and I’d broken a string, and I’d spent the rest of the day very slowly, very deliberately de-stringing the racket with some pliers.

“When Dad came home, he was like, ‘So what did you do?’ I was just sitting there, with a racket with no strings.”

We’re sure Jamie’s dad is very proud of all of the success he’s achieved now!


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