Jamie Dornan and Caitríona Balfe share hilarious stories from celeb crushes to shoplifting as they play ‘Never Have I Ever’


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Belfast stars Jamie Dornan, and Caitríona Balfe played one revealing game of never have I ever with British Vogue and revealed some hilarious secrets.

Belfast boy Jamie and Monaghan native Caitríona didn’t hold back and even answered questions they weren’t asked. When questioned on if they had ever stolen something from a set, both revealed they had and actually went further than asked and shared that they’d also stolen from shops! (and Jamie still does sometimes)

As Jamie said, “I only stole from big, big brands like Boots. I stole a lot from Boots. I would still steal from Boots. If I’m in Boots and all I’m buying is lip balm or something, and there’s a massive queue, I’m…I’m stealing that.”

“Every bodyguard who works at Boots, who is obviously watching this, is now going to be following you around”, Caitríona replied while laughing her head off.


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But while Outlander star Caitríona had a good laugh, she also revealed that she was not exactly innocent either. Saying, “lip liners were the thing. Sorry mum and dad, I’m sorry.”

The laughs didn’t end there as the pair also opened up about celebrity crushes.

50 Shades star Jamie revealed that he had a massive crush on Liv Tyler and actually ended up telling Liv about it in a hilarious incident. Saying, “I had a black and white picture of Liv Tyler by my bed. I used to kiss it every night before I went to bed, and then I was in New York, and I met her.”

My friend knew the story and said, ‘Jamie, why don’t you tell Liv about that time?’ And I had to tell Liv Tyler to her face that I used to kiss a black and white picture of her every night. She like was so lovely about it, but it was mortifying for me.”


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Caitríona also had her own celebrity crush reveal as the Ford v Ferrari star shared, “I met John Goodman. I was young but, there’s just something very endearing and lovely about him, and then I tried to tell him on a red carpet once, and he was very like scared of me.”

The revelations didn’t stop there as they were then questioned on cartoon crushes. Caitríona could confidently say she’d never fancied an animated character but Jamie…

“Jessica Rabbit” the Falls star exclaimed the second he heard the question.

But his cartoon crushes didn’t end there, “also Maid Marion from the Disney like the fox Robin Hood…No?”

Watch the full video below!

Words: Slaine McKenna

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