Jackie Lavin slams the idea of a reality show with Bill Cullen: ‘Kardashians we are not!’

Well that settles that then...

Jackie and Bill
Jackie and Bill

Former Apprentice star Jackie Lavin has slamed the idea of of a fly-on-the-wall reality show starring herself and her partner Bill Cullen.

Speaking to Dave Fanning on RTE Radio 1, Jackie addressed the rumours of such a show, saying “I don’t think so. Kardashians, we are not. Way too real, way too intrusive. Absolutely no way, not in a million years.”

While on the show, Jackie also admitted that she has no interest in marrying Bill, her partner of 35 years.

“Absolutely no way, we won’t be doing it anytime soon. Actually, I’m not a fan of weddings. I don’t like the ceremony. OK, sign the deal if you want to sign it, and get on with it, but 400 or 500 people at a wedding? Oh no, no thanks! And speeches about how you were when you were 15 and 16? No thanks. Not into it,” she said.

Jackie isn't a fan of weddings
Jackie isn’t a fan of weddings

Jackie said that people get themselves way too worked up when it comes to tying the knot, and the preparation nearly overshadows the day itself.

“Some people have it as a career prior to the wedding, and they go to every wedding fair and every wedding show all around the country, and literally over egg the pudding I think.”

Well if they were to be married, a Kardashian-esque wedding on a reality show would definitely be the way to do it… but we don’t think either is ever going to happen.


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