Jack Reynor admits fiancé Madeline Mulqueen was forbidden from his movie set

He was shocked by how she was treated!

The pair have been through some tough times
The pair have been through some tough times

Jack Reynor has revealed his fiancé Madeline Mulqueen was forbidden from visiting the movie set of box office hit, Transformers.

The pair have been engaged for two years now, but the Irish actor has opened up about the tough beginning to their romance.

“I met her and I thought ‘Oh no, this girl is unbelievable and I’m going to have to go away now for months and months, this is never going to work.’

“Then I was like, ‘You know what, I’m gonna ask her if she’ll come out and if she does, great, if she doesn’t then fine, just have to let it go.’

The happy couple
The happy couple

“Then she did. So five weeks after I met her she came out, we had that whole insane experience which was tough on her,” he told Dermot and Dave on Today FM.

Jack revealed that despite moving to America with him, Madeline had a really tough time, as people in the movie industry weren’t willing to make her feel welcome in the slightest.

“That was a hard one, people were not nice to her on that film at all. In fact they were d*cks. She wasn’t allowed hang around on set.

“First week I got a phone call saying, ‘She’s not welcome on the set, we don’t want to see her here ever, just don’t ever bring her around.'”

It was difficult for Madeline
It was difficult for Madeline

When questioned about why she wasn’t allowed on the set, the Irish actor simply replied, “they’re a**holes.”

“It made zero sense, it was totally uncalled for and they went out of their way to make her feel uncomfortable. She stuck with me there for the five months.

“She really had my back. Then we came home to Ireland, got our apartment together and she’s been doing the same thing ever since.

“She’s the best support in the world. I’m just so lucky to have her.”

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