“It is a joy” Fair City’s Claudia Carroll reveals how she felt returning back to our screens

Actress Claudia Carroll has opened up about what it means to her to reprise her role as Nicola in Irish soap opera Fair City. 

After production of the soap was closed down earlier this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Claudia says that she felt emotional when she heard the theme song again after 4 months off air. Speaking about her personal life she told RTE Entertainment:

“My dad passed away last year. Since then, my mum moved into the house with me and we’re living together, just the two of us.”

“We are mad soap opera fans – we really are. I nearly cried when I heard the Fair City theme tune coming back on after four months of lockdown when we had nothing.”

Going on to speak about her character of Nicola, Claudia says that although she is unliked by many viewers, she loves Nicola and believes she’s often misunderstood.

“Plenty of people wouldn’t agree with me because Nicola’s not the most popular character – but I love her. I think Nicola is brilliant.”

“I love all her snobby ways – she’s condescending and she’s snooty – and one of those people who just rubs people up the wrong way. If there’s the wrong thing to say, at the wrong time, she will say it.

“I always say that she would be a great person to have beside you in the trenches, but if she moved in next door you’d probably sell your house because she’d drive anyone mad.”

Claudia made the decision to leave Carrickstown back in 2017 to pursue her career in writing. Since then she has made small appearances on the show, and now, three years later taken on her role as Nicola full-time again.

Speaking about the show’s production and the dedication that goes into making it happen, Claudia says that she feels so proud to be a part of everything.

“It just makes me so proud every time. The cast and crew are the hardest working bunch of people that you will ever meet – the story team, the production team, the producers, the writers, the make-up team, the camera crew, they don’t stop.”




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