“I’ll do six days on a good week”. Vogue Williams reveals her strict workout regime

The model admits it isn't easy to look the way she does!

Vogue Williams
Vogue says she works out six times a week to keep in shape – and it shows!

Super svelte Vogue Williams has revealed how she maintains her physique by working out six times a week with a personal trainer.

Vogue says that anything less is a “lazy week”, but it’s worth the effort as it means she can eat what she wants.

“I walk my dog every day for an hour because he’s a lunatic if I don’t, and I do 45 minutes in the gym either in classes or personal training”, says Vogue. It may seem like a lot but the model says it’s part of her job and something that she now does ritually, “It’s something I just have to do, so I make sure I fit it in- whatever time of day it is”.

Vogue admits that she also loves exercising which makes it easier. “I’ll do six days on a good week, which is a lot, but I love exercising and I really like eating what I want”.


Vogue Williams
Vogue is looking amazing – but says it’s no easy task!


The Howth native, who is married to former Westlife star Brian McFadden, revealed that she recently lost weight while she was filming Mission Survive on ITV as she wasn’t exercising.

“I wasn’t too keen on that, I like having muscle tone” stated Vogue, who subsequently was named winner of the adventure challenge.

It wasn’t too long after she was crowned that Vogue resumed her strenuous workout regime. Some of her favourite exercises include burpees, dead lifts, lunges and squats.

The model is set to continue her television work and has two more RTE shows in the pipeline; ‘ Vogue Does Straight As’ and ‘Mean Girls’.


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