Ian Madigan shows off his cupid skills by trying to set his team-mate up on a Twitter date

What are friends are for!

Ian's been swarmed with female attention recently
Ian’s been swarmed with female attention recently

Since the return of the Rugby World Cup, Ian Madigan has been bombarded with adoring fans on social media, and now he’s putting the attention to use to try and set a fellow team mate up on a date.

Much to the dismay of his fans, Ian’s in a happy relationship and usually doesn’t reply to comments from smitten female fans until one caught his eye last night.

Amy Garland wrote to the rugby player on Twitter and said, “Hey Ian, me again, how was your day? Any thoughts on that date yet? Let me know x” Being a considerate friend, Ian thought about his fellow team mates and suggested she ask Sean O’Brien out instead. And hunky Rob Kearney also got on board, singling poor Sean out as the best person to ask for some romantic alone time when a different girl got in touch.

Amy – the complete legend – got in touch with Sean today: “Hey Sean, your friend Ian said I should get in touch… What are you doing after your match on Sunday?”

He hasn’t replied to her yet, but we’re sensing Amy won’t give up until she gets a date with one of them!

Perhaps if this doesn’t work out, she – or anyone else looking to date an Irish sports star – could have a look here. The Cuala Senior Hurling team in Dalkey, Co. Dublin are trying to raise money for their club by auctioning off dates with the team members. If you’re interested, it’ll cost at least €200, but it’s for a good cause!

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