“I was delighted and joyous to turn 40” Lisa Cannon on milestone birthday

The star explained why she felt lucky to be hitting that age.

VIP Magazine/ Lili Forberg / Lisa Cannon
VIP Magazine/ Lili Forberg / Lisa Cannon

Lisa Cannon has revealed that she was ‘delighted’ to turn 40.

The star who celebrated her big birthday earlier this month said that she decided to embrace the milestone.

“I was surprisingly delighted and joyous to turn 40 – I really embraced it. Turning 39 I didn’t enjoy so much, but for some reason turning 40 I just felt I could exhale.

“I’ve had a lot of dramatic somersaults over the last few years with family and friends and everything,” she told the RTE Guide.

The TV3 presenter explained that she is ready for a new chapter as she enters her 40s and that she feels blessed to be celebrating her birthday.

Pic: Brian McEvoy
Pic: Brian McEvoy

“It’s been up and down so when I turned 40 it was a release of that and it’s a whole new decade.”

“If anything, I’ve a lot more gratitude: I think that’s the keyword in my life at the moment. I’m very lucky with what I have,” she said.

Lisa is expected to be just as busy in her 40s as she has been in previous years, with Box Office back later in the year, Lisa is also penning a book and making plans in the UK and the US.

She said: “I’ve had offers from elsewhere, so I’ve a couple of projects in the pipeline. I’m writing a book at the moment and I’ve been approached to do a lot more in the UK since I got an agent there.

“It’s like any job in the media; as a freelancer, you have to put yourself out there and have to say ‘Hey! I’m available’.”

When asked about moving to the UK, the Dubliner explained that she hopes that if work does come up over there she hopes to come back and forth.

“I’d never say never, but I would like to see if it’s possible to do both, so if I did end up doing some work there that I could just fly over and back, which is what I’ve always done, whether it was Xpose or Box Office,” she said.


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