“I don’t like to give these people airtime” Louise Cooney hits back at online bullies

Irish influencer Louise Cooney has hit back at online trolls who said they hope one of her family members gets COVID.

Posting screenshots of the abuse she received, the message came as Louise shared a snap about the easing of restrictions this week. Sharing a picture of cocktails on her story, Louise said:

“Between baking, cooking & cocktails, quarantine has been good! Does it have to end?”

Shortly after uploading the snap, Louise received a message from a fake troll account, where she was called ‘dumb’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘selfish’.

Although the message is particularly hurtful, Louise admits that she doesn’t receive messages like this very often, and when she does she finds a way to ignore them.

“With all the talk of online bullying I thought I would share this message I got today! I don’t get messages this bad often.. & luckily I’m happy so it doesn’t bother me.” Louise said.

“Anyone who makes and interacts like this off fake accounts… why?! Imagine getting this if you were having a bad day, or a family members actually was sick…”

Louise also went on to show followers that the nasty messages are few and far between, as the vast majority of her fans rushed to her defence, filling her inbox with messages of positivity and kindness.

“So many messages… nice to [be] reminded that most people are normal. Thanks guys. I’m not bothered by it, I don’t even like to give these people airtime. I think they weirdly enjoy it!”

Giving one final word of warning to future trolls, Louise advises not to do it, because in the end you only hurt yourself.

“So if any trolls are getting ideas… don’t. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! trust me it might make you feel better”


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